Create the Energy to Lead

For Women in Leadership

Do the women leaders in your organization …

  • Know and utilize their natural strengths to reach their full potential?
  • Feel balanced and energized so they can bring their best selves to work?
  • Have tools to anchor their energy to affect change in environment around them? Rather than feeling like life is in control of them?
  • Have the confidence to lead creatively to engage their team to massive action?

What We Address

The challenges women leaders face in the workplace.

“As a woman leader, it is exhausting trying to fit into a mold of leadership that I was never meant to fit into.”

“I’m tired. Juggling responsibilities at work and at home is a lot. I want to feel in control of my life, rather than feeling my life is in control of me.”

“I want to walk into a meeting clear headed, to make good decisions and be able to lead effectively.”

“I want to show up as a confident leader for my team.”

“I wish I had the tools to quickly get centered before entering a room. Because as a leader, I know my energy impacts the people around me.”

“Each person on my team is different. I want lead creatively so each person feels uniquely heard and understood.”

How It Works

The Create the Energy to Lead program is designed for women leaders and aspiring leaders, by women leaders. We teach the practical tools of creative problem solving and practical mindfulness, which can be applied directly to the workplace to become an influential leader who elevates the people, the environment, and the performance of their teams.

As women leaders, our focus and energy are often dictated by the environment around us. Here’s what your organization can look like, if leaders had the tools to operate with confidence from natural strengths, safeguard their energy and lead creatively:

What Happens When You Create the Energy to Lead

Improved morale and engagement

Higher creativity and productivity

Lower rate of employee burnout and turnover

Culture of idea sharing and valuing individual team contributions

…all impacting the bottom line.

Impact on the Workplace

Your leaders will be able to:
  • Make clearer decisions, from a centered and grounded perspective
  • Be responsive versus reactive
  • Manage conflict from understanding and awareness
  • Cultivate a culture of creativity
  • Ground themselves and others in purpose rather than ‘work’
  • Create more meaningful work relationships
  • Foster personal and professional growth for your team
  • Influence others through your words, actions, and energy
  • Lead with clarity and confidence

How Your Leaders Will Benefit

Participants Will:

Grow confident as a leader by gaining a deep understanding of their leadership strengths

Learn a series of practical mindfulness techniques to center their energy, to lead from those strengths, in any situation.

Develop creative problem solving skills, and participate in hands-on creative activities, leaving them with artifacts to anchor learning lessons.

Discover how to use their natural strengths in leadership to influence their workplace, community, and world

Have a designated space and time for self-care and creativity

Who You Are

You are a company that puts people first. You understand the value of an engaged (and happy) workforce. You are compelled to invest in your leaders because you understand that it takes only one person to find their purpose, their drive, and their natural strengths to enable others to do the same.

And you value the diversity of benefits that women leaders bring to the table, that ‘linc’ your organization together:

L– Lead by example

I – Inclusive

N – Nurture & Empower

C – Communicate with compassion

Who We Are

In the corporate environment, we’ve seen that leadership skills and expectations have been dominated by masculine qualities. Competing to fit into this mold blocks energy and creativity, prevents women from reaching their full potential, is exhausting, and robs your organization of a well rounded leadership team. Rather than fitting into this mold, women in leadership, can be most effective by activating natural strengths; stepping out of the norm and into a diversified definition of leadership!

Blocked energy, leads to blocked creativity, leads to suboptimal performance. That is why we created this program:

To give women in leadership, tools to harness their energy and unleash their creativity so they can be innovative, vibrant leaders – who deliver results.

And what better way to do that, than through using means that are readily available to all of us: our breath, our body and our capacity for creativity!

I’m Dr. Katie Branter, ND and founder of Ignite You: Embodiment Coaching for Women in Business – where I use a whole-body approach to bring women back in alignment with their natural strengths.

Dr. Katie Branter, ND
Founder, Ignite You

And I’m Van Lai-DuMone, founder of worksmart, a progressive team development and leadership training company that activates creativity and hands-on activities as primary learning methods.

Van Lai-DuMone
Founder, worksmart

Why Energy

“People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

As leaders, we know that our energy sets the tone.

When our energy is scattered, we cannot show up at our best, and our team reacts to that energy – and it feels constrictive. When we are centered, we create a ripple effect for ourselves and the people around us to feel grounded and expansive – allowing for everyone to work at peak performance in a balanced environment.

This is why energy is so important in the workplace, and why focusing and managing personal energy can benefit the individual, a team, an organization, and the world. It all starts with one individual. One leader committed to heart-centered leadership to create this experience of calm, well-being, kindness, passion and possibility.

Why Creativity

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein

Creativity is an innate human capacity and an essential human need. As leaders, when we activate our own creativity, and learn how to nurture it in others, we construct a space that levels the playing field – giving everyone a place to have their voice heard.

Creativity also taps into right brain thinking, giving us access to ideas and solutions inaccessible to left brain, analytical thinking alone. Including a creative process into learning and development allows us to more readily master and retain information.

“Your inner game dictates your outer game.”Fabienne Fredrickson

What We Offer

Create the Energy to Lead – Introductory Course

This 2.5 hour workshop bridges creative tools with the practice of harnessing essential energy: a body-centered approach to igniting and balancing energy to engage in the workplace in a grounded, centered and influential way, emphasizing natural character strengths. Through a character strengths assessment and interactive exercises, participants will uncover and utilize their natural leadership strengths, then gain an understanding of basic practical mindfulness and creative problem solving tools that can be used in the workplace to focus themselves and others – to increase productivity and innovation. This session ends with a hands-on creative experience, making an ‘energizing’ artifact as a reminder to incorporate lessons from this session as a daily practice and habit.

2.5 – hours | Up to 30 Participants

*Materials for creative artifact will be shipped prior to session

Create the Energy to Lead – Transform and Elevate

This four part course is designed for women in leadership to position themselves as engaged and influential leaders in the workplace – guiding them to explore and utilize their natural and innate capacity to lead with creativity and essential energy, to create meaningful and measurable impact.

Four Session Course (2.5 – hours each)

Part I: Uncover Your Character Strength

Part II: Lead From Centered Energy

Part III: Unlock Creative Capacity

Part IV: Tether & Implement Practical Mindfulness &Creativity for Impact

2.5 – hours/each session | Up to 30 Participants

*Materials for creative artifacts will be shipped prior to course

Customized Program

We intentionally designed our core programs from women in leadership, and also understand that the tools we offer are beneficial to men and women alike.

Partner with us to design a custom program for your leaders and aspiring leaders!

What Leaders Are Saying

“A huge gift”

“Taking time out of my busy life to pause and really think about what is important as well as what might be holding me back from being my best and most creative self as a leader is a huge gift!”

“A necessity in all organizations”

“We need creative thinking in all organizations. A creative break like this – baked into the schedule. Just as some companies have a weekly yoga class, it would be so fun and impactful to have a weekly creative break!”

“The secret sauce”

“Van and Katie have found the “secret sauce” to hone in on your “self” in ways of calm self-reflection and inner-work – and actively express that energy through practical creativity. I will continue to use these techniques for myself – and also look forward to helping others incorporate them!”

Our Movement

We are on a mission to engage 1 million women leaders to harness their energy and apply their creativity to lead teams and organizations to purposeful and powerful performance.

Join our movement!

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Empower your women in leadership to reach their full potential, so they can help your organization reach its full potential!

Energetically and Creatively,

Dr. Katie Branter



Van Lai-DuMone